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Q: A tenant's washing machine flooded the unit - is the Tenant responsible for paying for the clean-up/repairs?

The Tenant had thought she left for many hours, turned it on and had fixed her malfunctioning washing machine. The machine flooded the finished basement area, including 3 rooms, carpeting, padding, floorboards etc....water extraction, carpet pad replacement, floorboard removal, dryout and replacement was needed. Tenant maintains she is not liable for the repair invoice. Since this was her washing machine, not provided by the owner, I consider that she's responsible. Please counsel who's correct. The lease states tenant responsible for damages beyond ordinary wear and tear of a house. This is in Atlanta, GA. Thank you
Lawyer Solution Paula J. Mcgill

A: It was her washing machine and if you're the landlord, you have strong case to sue her for damages as a result of her malfunctioning gear. She should have renter's insurance. This is why a lot of leases require tenants to possess insurance for issues like this.

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Q: My brother is executer of dad's will. Probate was never gone by the will. In the will my father stated he wants the

House to really go to my brother, me and my dead brother's kid. Can my brother sale house without probate? If will has to go thru probate is my signature needed and signature of dead brother's child? I believe he's trying to cut on my neice from the will. She is an adult and can fight if she knows what's occurring. I do not desire to be involved in just about any conflict.
Attorney Reply Terry Lynn Garrett

A: The Will needs to be probated while in theory title to the house might be transferred by means of an Affidavit of Heirship recorded with the clerk of the county where the property is situated. Texas Estates Code 252.201 demands that a man who owns a Will turn it around to the court clerk when informed of the passing. Secreting or destroying a Will is a criminal offense. If a person hiring an attorney to request them to do this will inevitably place you in battle together, asking them or is refusing to get this done, about what's right, just as your concern is doing. But this does not automatically mean that you need to be drawn into litigation.

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Q: Can my family set a time limit on receiving a mortgage for an estate, while I'm actively seeking one?

I've lived in the house 8 yrs and was paying weekly rent to my mom. She passed away in July 2016 as well as the executor (sister) wants proof of mortgage by March 1, 2017. Credit score is 9 points to low and might want additional time to get, couple months although I am actively looking for a mortgage. I've been paying all expenses to preserve the house since her passing.
Attorney Solution Peter Munsing

A: The administrator can request -- should you be regarded as among the beneficiaries, a lot depends on.

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Q: Can I ask to get a continuance on a case eviction in the event the town preparing to deem the house condemned due to the sepetic

They have not fixed them and have 5 health violations. The town is taking on those to court as well. Plus defamation of character to us. They lied to the town saying we're threating them and they desire escorts to property. There's quite a bit of thing wrong here but I dont desire to invest money only to be put out on the basis of the condemnation.
Lawyer Response Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Esq

A: Why really would you intend to stay in a condemned house? Additional information are needed to provide an expert evaluation of your dilemma. The best first step is an Initial Consultation having an Attorney. You can read more about me, my qualifications, awards, honours, testimonials, and media appearances/ publications on my law practice web site. I practice law in these regions of law in CA, NY, MA, and DC: Criminal Defense, Divorce & Child Custody & Contracts, Business, and Education Law. This answer doesn't represent legal advice; make any predictions, guarantees, or warranties; or create any Attorney-Client relationship.